2018 Dues deadline is December 31st, 2017

All 2018 Dues are due by December 31st, 2017. Dues for an Active Member are $100. Non-Resident, Senior and Junior Member Dues are $50. Youth Dues are $25. Check the By-laws duesButtonif you think you qualify for something other than an Active Membership. Please get your Dues in on time. For more information and to get your dues notice and payment information, click here 2018_Dues_Form

Homesite Gate Code Submission Process
Follow these Three Simple Steps and you will be ready to use the BGH Gate to the Homesite.20160801_152412
Step #1. Call KODIAK EQUIPMENT COMPANY at 636-475-4222 (Do NOT call Dave Baer…let me repeat this… Do NOT call Dave Baer) Call Kodiak Equipment Company at 636-475-4222.
Step #2. Identify yourself as a Big Game Hunter Member, Give them your name and tell them you would like to submit YOUR CODE for the Big Game Hunters Gate.
Step #3. Give them a FOUR DIGIT Numerical code that you will remember!! (if you have had a code in the past you CAN use that code again, BUT YOU MUST CALL IN TO VERIFY YOUR CODE!)
THAT’S IT!!  You are now ready to use the Gate at the Homesite when it is put into operation.

Member Appreciation Raffle;20170412_193412
Big Game Hunters has a long tradition of successful fundraisers. The Member Appreciation Raffle is designed to reward members’ continued participation. At each meeting, and until we have a winner, two potentially winning tickets will be drawn. If either of those ticket holders are at the meeting WITH THEIR TICKET, they WIN! 

Membership Appreciation Raffle WINNERS; Congratulations, for simply showing up to the meeting,  Our First Winner of the Member Appreciation Raffle is Jim Mraz! He won a Ruger 10/22 and Browning Plainsman Rifle Gun Case! 
Our Second Member Appreciation Raffle Winner is Steve Palubiak! For simply showing up to a meeting, Steve won a Ruger 10/22 rifle, a Franchi Affinity 12 Gauge Shotgun and a $200 Gift Card to Denny Dennis Sporting Goods!!! Congratulations Steve!
Our Third Member Appreciation Raffle Winner is Ron Bierey! For just simply showing up to a meeting!
Plans for a  4th Member Appreciation Raffle are in the works. So check back for more details!
Click Here for more information and the official rules Member Appreciation Raffle

Membership Applications;
Application for membership shall be by invitation, sponsored by two Active members “In Good Standing” and by submitting a Membership Application to the Board of Directors. A two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Board of Directors (“Board”) at a duly constituted Meeting is necessary for Membership.
Click Here for a BGH Membership Application Membership Application

Big Game Hunters Foundation Application for Funds
The purpose of the Big Game Hunters Foundation is to promote good sportsmanship riflery-camp-youthamong hunters and outdoorsmen with an emphasis on youth; to foster the principles of conservation and the perpetuation of wildlife; and to aid Game and Conservation Commissions in their efforts to conserve, propagate and protect wildlife. To those ends, the Organization distributes funds to deserving entities. If your Organization would like to be a Donee of these funds, please complete the information on this form and return it by April 15th 2017.
Click Here for the BGHF Application for Funds Big Game Hunters Foundation Application of Funds

Hunter of the Year Award
This prestigious award may be presented annually to the “Big Game Hunter” who has image1-2demonstrated a significant number of successful hunts. The Selection is made by previous Winners and may be awarded to the same Member only 3 times.
The Selection Committee looks for superior hunting skills and experience. Other criteria considered are the quality and quantity of the animals taken; the number and difficulty of hunts; the skill level required to harvest the animal; and wether the hunt was outfitted or a DIY Hunt.
Click here for a Hunter of the Year Application HunterOfYear
The Hunter of the Year Deadline is March 1st 2017 send your applications to:
John Gibbs 2008 Kingspointe Dr. Chesterfield, Mo 63005

Big Buck Contest

The Club will award up to 3 places for the biggest bucks shot with rifle, muzzleloader, 11Screenshot_2015-11-14-10-59-54shotgun, bow and now Crossbow! Results are based on SCI gross score. The buck must score at least 100 to qualify and has to be harvested in your state of residence. The Bucks should be turned into Jim Mraz for scoring within 10 days after the close of the respective season.

Big Turkey Contest

The Club will award up to 3 places for the biggest turkey shot in your home state, contact 20170412_204516Jim Mraz to have the beard and spurs scored within 10 days after the close of the respected season.