Home Site

Home Site Range Rules

These rules have been established to ensure the health and safety of the Members and their guests who use the BGH Home Site and Shooting range and to ensure the health and safety of the Surrounding Community.

Located at;
3129 Frisco Hill Rd.
Imperial, Mo 63052


Only Members and their Guests are allowed to use the Home Site and Shooting Ranges. Members and their guests must abide by the Rules at all times. Members are expected to call to the attention of the other members any infractions that they may observe and to notify a Director if it is not stopped. Any member who violates the Range Rules is subject to the disciplinary action of the Board of Directors.

Junior Members and Guest must be accompanied
by and Active Member when using any of the Ranges.20151217_144140

General Rules

  1. Shooting is permitted only after 8:30am and not after 1/2 hour before sundown.
  2. Giving a key or pass code to a Non-member to use the Home Site or Shooting range will result in a dismissal from the BGH Club.
  3. Members and their guests are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible and courteous manner.
  4. Small children must be supervised at all times.
  5. Members are expected to take all their trash (cans, paper, spent shells, etc.) with them when they leave the Home Site.
  6. Hunting or shooting varmints or game animals is not permitted at the Home Site.
  7. Members must make sure range is clear before you shoot and are expected to know what is beyond their target.
  8. Eye and ear protection must be worn at all times when shooting on the Shooting Ranges.
  9. Members must always check to make sure the gate is closed when they leave (Last One Out). If the gate is found open, please notify the Chairman of the Home Site Committee.
  11. No .50 BMG may be used on the Pistol / Rifle Range.

Firearms Handling

  1. Firearms must always be pointed in a safe direction.
  2. The action, cylinder or slide must e kept open and breech empty except when in position and ready to shoot.
  3. All firearms must be safe to shoot and the correct ammunition used.

Rifle/Pistol Range

  1. The flashing light must be turned on when a Member goes down range and coordinating target changing with fellow shooters prior to and after changing targets.
  2. a firing position may not be occupied when people are down range and no firearm is to be pointed down range when people are down range. All firearms must be in the rack or in a case when people are down range.
  3. All shooting down range must be through the shooting house at appropriate targets. No shooting at foreign objects such as rocks, cans, bottles, etc.. No shooting from in front of the house.
  4. The shooting positions are marked with the appropriate shooting distances for that position. Shoot only at paper targets that are appropriately hung (to protect wood target frames and backstops) for the designated distance.

Shotgun Range

  1. Shot no larger than “8” is permitted on the Trap Range. Only low brass shells with 3 drams equivalent or less powder may be used.
  2. In patterning shells with shot larger than “8” the 4×4 target frame between the Trap House and the Turkey Shoot Stand must be used. The Rifle/Pistol Range may not be used for shotguns.
  3. Shooting is permitted only from the appropriate shooting line or marked position.
  4. The number of clay birds used must be recorded on the sheet in the Trap House. Place a check or cash for the birds in the lock box inside the Trap House.


  1. Alcohol is not permitted on the Rifle, Pistol or Shotgun Ranges.
  2. No alcohol may be consumed before or during participation in any shooting activity.
  3. Alcohol is only permitted at the Clubhouse, Pavilions, barn or other designated areas.


  1. Members are responsible for and must accompany their guests on Club property at all times.
  2. Non-Members will yield shooting positions to Members.
  3. A Member shall be limited to immediate house hold family members and 2 non-house hold guests
  4. If a group is requesting use of the Home Site or Club House, a written request must be presented to the Board of Directors far enough in advance for approval prior to use and notification to be placed in the Newsletter.

BGH Clubhouse
Membership Usage of the BGH Clubhouse

  1. Usage of the Clubhouse is open to all members in good standing at anytime. (Organized events such as classes may require usage of the main room and kitchen.)
  2. Use of the restrooms is to be accessible at all times to the membership and their guests.
  3. Members are responsible for their guests
  4. Clean up after yourself and your guests. Report any problems or need of supplies to the Clubhouse Chairman or the Homesite Chairman (Names found in the BGH roster.)
  5. Furnace set to 55 degrees in the winter after use, AC set to 85 degrees during the summer.
  6. Lights and ceiling fans are to be turned off after use of the Clubhouse.
  7. Make sure the restrooms are clean after use.
  8. Verify all windows are closed and locked.
  9. Your code to the door will not be given to non-members at anytime.
  10. The Clubhouse is not rentable.
  11. Range rules apply where applicable.
  12. Sign in and Out when using the Clubhouse.

Usage of the BGH Clubhouse and/or Range for Sponsored Events

An application packet is available here or can be provided by the Clubhouse Chairman.